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* Intel's App Innovation Competition Grand Prize Winner *


A new desktop version of Scribblify was developed as part of Intel's All-in-One App Innovation Contest. The app is freely available for download below and designed for use on touch devices using Windows 8+. The mobile version of this app and accompanying details are available at

Installation Instructions: Unzip the downloaded file to your hard drive. Execute the Scribblify install executable (Scribblify.msi) and wait for install to complete. A shortcut to launch Scribblify will then appear within the Aura Desktop interface. Direct access to the EXE can also be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\AlphaApps\Scribblify\Scribblify.exe"


Scribblify for desktop computers (including Lenovo's All-in-One line of products) is an imaginative doodle app for all ages and skill levels. Anyone can start creating unique works of art from the moment they first launch the app; no learning required. More advanced users will appreciate the wide array of color effects and brush options available to create even more stunning art--from natural to abstract. During development testing, this app was enjoyed by people of all ages--from two through 97!

The original version of Scribblify was developed several years ago for mobile platforms. The mobile version was built to support low resolution devices with limited hardware resources. The desktop version of Scribblify was developed from scratch specifically for Intel's App Innovation competition in conjunction with All-in-One products--with all of the original brushes faithfully reproduced alongside brand new additions. The interface has been completely reimagined to best support the high resolution display and other features available on the Lenovo Horizon and similar All-in-Ones.

Major Features

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